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BARDAHL WIPERS - The Leading Edge™

Bardahl wipers are premium blades manufactured with superior components to the highest quality certification standards. Two all-season performance models are available:

  • Synthetic Wiper Blades have a strong, rust-free metal frame and a synthetic rubber blade
  • Universal Beam Blades are frameless, flat wipers constructed with an efficient aerodynamic design

Stay Safe with Bardahl Blades - Bardahl Premium Wipers Give You the Peace of Mind to Travel in Various Weather Conditions.

Superior Components,
Superior Performance

Bardahl Wipers Work in
All Climates & Weather Conditions

  • Synthetic Blades / Metal Frame Wipers For Traditional wiper arms
  • Universal Beam Blades / Frameless Flat Wipers For Traditional and OEM wiper arms
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Construction for Smooth, Efficient Motion
  • Engineered for Accurate & Even Pressure Distribution
  • Squeegee Design Provides Clean, Quiet, Chatter-Free Operation
  • Technician Friendly Application for Fast & Easy Installation

Quality Products
Vehicle Owners Can Trust

Why Choose Bardahl Wipers?

  • Wiper Models with Variety of Adapters to Fit Traditional and OEM Wiper Arms
  • Complete Application Guide to Find the Right Blade for each Vehicle
  • Easy-to-Install Adapters with Clear Installation Instructions
  • Dependable Sturdy Design and Quality Construction
  • Meets or surpasses SAE 903, ASTM 1171, FMVSS 104, Salt Spray, TS16949, ISO 9001

Two Premium Wiper Models, Manufactured to the Highest Industry Specifications